Louisiana Hunting Leases can participate in the Deer Management Assistance Program

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department (LWFD) – Deer Program manages the statewide
whitetail deer (WTD) herd using the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP). This program is a 4-tiered approach where each tier will include various levels of WTD management and increased or
decreased involvement of a LWFD staffed wildlife biologist. Tiers range from (1) Quality or Trophy WTD
Management where hunting properties need to be at least 1,000 acres to tier (4) where there is no
minimum acreage. This would be a depredation permit tier and minimal data would be collected from
each harvested animal. The participant would need to read over each tier and talk with an LWFD staffed
biologist to understand what level of WTD management would be right for their hunt lease.

There is an application deadline to join DMAP and a deadline to turn in WTD harvest data after the
season. Data collected under DMAP is used to develop site specific harvest recommendations and to put participating hunt clubs in a better position to manage their lands for a healthy WTD herd, while
maintaining high quality WTD habitat.

The requirement to join DMAP with the LWFD is simple. An application is to be fill out and returned to
the local wildlife biologist by a specific deadline including information about which tier of DMAP
management you want to incorporate into your hunt lease program

How much does DMAP cost? DMAP cost varies by tier and the type of management you want to
incorporate into your hunt lease. Cost can range from no fee for depredation only management to
$3,750 for very large acreage hunt leases and maximum participation by a LWFD staffed wildlife
biologist. Data collection by each hunt lease will vary by tier as will wildlife biologist participation. Data
collection includes jawbones from each WTD harvested, WTD weight, doe lactation, and buck antler
measurements. This biological data is to be collected by hunting clubs participating in DMAP tiers 1, 2 or 3. DMAP tier 4 clubs are not required to collect this level of data, but it is highly encouraged.

There are many benefits to participating in the DMAP program with the LWFD. This includes improved
WTD age structures and sex ratios.

If you’re interested in leasing land in Louisiana, contact our regional Wildlife Biologist, David Graves at
(318) 464-2744 or email him at davidg@legacywildlife.com. If you want to take WTD management to
the next level and you think the DMAP program may be right for your Louisiana hunt lease, go to:
www.wlf.louisiana.gov/page/dmap for more information.