Hunting Lease

In the last 20 years, many forest landowners have taken advantage of increasing demand for recreational lands by leasing out recreational rights on their property to individuals or clubs. In addition to extra income, this arrangement offers benefits like increased property security, assistance with land management, and increased quality of the property’s wildlife habitat and game populations. The majority of leases are acquired for hunting, but there is also an increasing demand for other uses such as camping, fishing, ATV and horseback riding.

Services of our Lease Management program include:

  • Evaluation of the property to determine the most appropriate recreational uses and best leasing opportunities
  • Providing proper lease documentation administration and payment collection
  • Intensive marketing of the property to ensure fair market lease rates
  • Providing a single up-front payment for the lease to the landowner
  • Providing the landowner with a single contact person at Legacy for all matters related to leases
  • Directly supervising the activities of the leaseholders to ensure satisfactory compliance with all provisions and terms of the lease
  • Monitoring the property for liability issues
  • Providing customer service and technical assistance to the leaseholders in areas such as property security and wildlife management
  • Providing liability insurance coverage that covers leaseholders and landowners
  • Offering GIS quality lease mapping services

If you are a landowner looking to get more out of your property, call Legacy Wildlife Services at (877) 586-4868 or submit the our Hunting Lease Service Request form below for a free no-obligation evaluation of your property.

Hunting Lease Services Request Form

Hunting Lease Services Request Form

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