Legacy Wildlife is excited to officially announce our partnership with OnX Hunt. The OnX Hunt app is the leader in mobile mapping technology for hunters, landowners and outdoor enthusiasts and the perfect fit for our hunt clubs. We believe this tool is essential for all hunters to become better wildlife managers and more successful in the field. Each of our hunt club presidents will receive a FREE premium OnX Hunt membership ( a $29.99 value ) while each of your hunt club members will receive a one-time 20% discount code on Premium and Elite memberships.

We are moving beyond the days of paper maps and providing a dynamic navigation tool on your phone, including Legacy Wildlife hunting property boundaries and adjoining landowner information displayed in the OnX Hunt app. We are taking the guess work out of locating your property boundary lines. Additionally, you will be able to share customizable waypoints and tracks, mark tree stand locations and safety hazards, and mark road & boundary issues. You will even be able to estimate shooting distances, measure food plot acres, and check up-to-date weather forecasts. OnX Hunt can revolutionize how you hunt and manage or participate in your club.

Legacy Wildlife is proud to work with the folks at OnX. OnX will help further our mission to provide great customer service and added benefits to enhance the quality of our hunters’ outdoor experience